sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2012

Pre Alpha build DEMO available. Support needed.

It seems there's a problem with the installer. Here's the new download link:

To install simply unrar the folder Asylum Master somewhere on your computer (somewhere not in program files). To play, open the folder Asylum Master and double click on the asylum_master.exe.

Hello! You can download Asylum Master pre-alpha demo from here:


If anyone knows a better alternative (other then CNET or softpedia), let me know.

-After installing, open the folder Asylum Master and double-click asylum_master.exe

-you'll get to feel the overall atmosphere of the game and see were am I heading with this.
-very little gameplay options.
-few minor bugs.
-this is a very raw look. There are a lot of things that can be fine tuned.

-your impressions
-I am thinking of starting a project on IndieGoGo.  Can I expect your support?

-I took a huge bite, but I found it hard to chew. I re-discovered a very important lesson: making a game that big and complex featured requires A LOT of TIME.
 And resources. I used only freeware stuff I could scavenge over the internet, but there is some paid stuff (like fonts, sound effects, images,etc) that's more suitable for this project.
-I need some serious support in order to get this done. And I am talking money here, not emotional support (although that would be nice too). Until I get the support I need (on my own or from others) I will PAUSE THE DEVELOPMENT of this game.
 Sure, I lived on scraps for a while, but this kind of living is damaging  my health and my mental stability (however little there is).

-finishing the treatment tab and the medicine drawer. the posibility of administrating medication to pacients (like anesthetics and anti depressants and stuff)
-implementing a pain feature. Lots of screams from not-anesthetized patients. Bad reputation for the asylum master.
-The posibility of modding the game. Stuff like naming your pacients, tweaking the treatments and the diseases.
-5 more tabs. Initially planned tabs:
           -travel tab. You have a map, and you are able to travel to other cities. You can visit other mental instutions, visit other people, take a stroll on Dorset street..for various purposes,gain experience and knowledge
       -administration: build more buildings, improve existing ones, set the maintenance level, buy medical equipment and stuff- also the possibility of building secret buildings, which don't appear on the official building plans and where you can do your ....experiments
         -personal tab. Write books about treatments and medications, write books, initiate conversations with famous people to gain recognition for you and your asylum,
  -public relations tab: ask for funds from the govt. or private institutions, spy and bribe on inspectors,

-plausibility to buy nobility titles and have access to higher circles.
-and MUCH MORE. I have lots of stuff written about how the gameplay should be.

-This project (from concept, to research and implementation) took approx. one month to create. I spent a week and a half working on a complex medical/anatomical sistem (I talked about it in this post ) but because it wasn't on my taste (ok, I admit, it was a bit buggy:D ) I dropped it and never implemented it. That's another lesson (the kind of lesson I read often) I learned: don't spend time on stuff you ain't going to use.
-Initially I wanted to implement a lot of mental disorders (like 25 or so) but in the end I thought that most of the people would find it boring to learn about all this different stuff.

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