vineri, 12 octombrie 2012

Work, work, work...

Been working my ass out this days. No sun, no socialization, no nothing. Just code,code, read articles about crazy people, read articles about 19th century, push pixels in photoshop, design the gameplay, scratch head in frustration, code, code.
The 15 is coming fast and I still have to create a playable build. My goal of perfection and perfect vission is shattered by the routine and tiredness of each day. Maybe I am becoming crazy too and will end up in one of those modern asylums. Hope not though.
The good part about working on a commercial/big project is that you get to know your resources and limits and still make wonders with whatever little knowledge you got. No more impossible goals and desire to create a perfect/imaculate/vision-fidel game. After all, I am just one dude and this is basically my second project  (my first was an unfinished rpg engine with a dot moving on the screen and some text describing the actions). Let's leave perfection to huge teams and budgets, because I, the humble developer, just want to get over it once and start on improving my coding or relaxing for a change. So don't expect a grandioso gameplay or fantastic art or whatever you are expecting. I will deliver what I can at this moment.

The release of the demo might be late with a day or two. Can't wait to read/hear impressions about the gameplay, as this will have a major influence upon further development.

Ok my lunnies, see ya all on 15 (or 16, or 17).

No screens this time, as the demo is coming soon and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

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